Healthy Oreos? Yeah right

Healthy cookies? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  Well it is.  Today while shopping at my favorite grocery store Stew Leonard’s I saw the “Who Nu” cookies on a shelf next to the Oreos.  Being the nutrition nerd that I am the first thing I did was pick up both and turn them to their nutrition labels.  I was surprised, yet at the same time not surprised at what I saw.  Who Nu Chocolate Cookie = Oreo + Multivitamin.  For 1 serving of 3 cookies they both check in at 160 calories, 7g of fat, 25 g carbohydrates (14g being sugar) and 1g of protein.  There is a measly 2g more of fiber in the Who Nu, but other than that they’ve simply just enriched an Oreo with vitamins and minerals.

I know that it’s not all about the nutrition label, of course, so I thought mayyybeee they use better ingredients, perhaps less processed, more natural ingredients.  Wrong again.  The ingredients further support that Who Nu Chocolate Cookie =  Oreo + Multivitamin.

Based on my research, my recommendation is to not fall for the deceptive marketing of Who Nu.  If you want an Oreo, have one.  Oreo’s are just not meant to be health food, but that’s ok, just don’t eat them everyday.  Everything in moderation.  If you do want a slightly better for you Oreo try Newman-O’s made with non-hydrogenated oils and other organic ingredients.  I’ve actually tried them and they are pretty tasty.

Or maybe if you’re feeling ambitious try making your own homemade Oreo’s. Make ’em healthier by substituting whole wheat flour for the all-purpose, and non-hydrogenated shortening for the vegetable shortening in the filling.  Disclaimer: I have not tried this recipe as is, or modified myself.

Bottom line…if you want to be healthy and eat Oreos (everyone once in a while), save some money and skip the “nutrient rich cookie”, eat your 3 Oreos, wash ’em down with some low-fat milk, and take a multivitamin.