Prepare Now To Start Your New Year Right

New Year’s Day is also known as the day to start your New Year’s Resolutions. The irony here is that lots of people overdo it on New Year’s Eve as a last hoorah before their resolutions start, sort of like a bachelor party. For many, this new beginning has to do with wellness and weight loss (and cutting back on the booze). More than half of Americans will start a health and wellness plan on New Year’s Day, but most will give up before reaching their goals.

new years resolution
It’s hard to successfully start something if you are not prepared. One of the best ways to thwart bad habits is to start strong, and create an action plan. Continue reading


Motivation and Inspiration

I was motivated to write a blog post this week, as promised, but I wasn’t inspired…to write anything.  I did, however, come across several inspiring/motivational quotes while wasting time on Pinterest (warning: most addictive site ever).  Therefore, I decided to just share some images with great motivational quotes about exercise and healthy living. (source)

Healthy Living? There’s an app for that

Matt, my fabulous fiance, came up with the idea for me to review healthy eating/living apps available on Android phones and iPhones.  I thought this was a great idea, and soon found out that there are A LOT of apps out their.  Therefore, I decided to try and make a weekly segment where I test out an app for a week and report back about it.

Even though the main focus of this blog is nutrition, I believe exercise is definitely a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle and have chosen a fitness app I use regularly to review first: iMapMyRun+.

This app is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones and is associated with the popular MapMyRun website.  There is also a iMapMyRide+ for cyclists out there, as well as iMapMyHike+, iMapMyWalk+, and iMapMyFitness+ which covers everything.

I find this app very easy to use and really helpful in tracking my workouts.  Just like the website, you can track your run to find out the distance and elevation.  The thing that makes it that much cooler than the website is that it uses the GPS in your phone to track exactly where you are running.  It traces your route on the map as you run, so it makes it easier to trace your tracks off roads and lets you run without remembering the name of every road you zig zagged in and out of.  It also times you and you have the option for it to read out your distance and/or time at intervals you set.  For example, I have mine set to tell me how far I’ve run and how long I’ve run at each mile.

At the end of your workout it reports your total distance and total time, as well as splits per mile.  It also gives your average pace, average speed, calories burned (according to your weight you input) and laps.  From there you it automatically uploads to your MapMyRun account where you can access your workout online and see more stats including elevation, and speed chart.  I found that it wasn’t very reliable at tracking your speed along the way, but its ok because you can judge from your mile splits.

Then if you want, you can then share your workout with everyone you know via Facebook and Twitter.  You can also record stats for workouts done without using the GPS, as well as your food and water intake for the day.  The food database is pretty extensive and includes menu items from numerous restaurants.  I didn’t use it to record my intake, but it seems pretty easy to do.  I did notice that it calculates your calorie needs from your height, weight, age, sex and activity level, but was not customizable beyond that. You can not choose a weight maintenance or weight loss option and I thought that the “calorie budget” it assigned me was higher than it should be.



  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses–GPS to record runs, log past work outs, nutrition tracker
  • Precise with mileage, even off roads
  • Automatically uploads workouts to profile online


  • Not accurate at recording speed
  • Nutrition info not customizable

I definitely recommend this app for anyone who runs and likes to know how far they’re going and want to keep a log of their runs.