New Name

Hi All. So as you probably noticed my blog name changed. I was contacted by the person who trademarked “nutritionista” and had to come up with a new name 😦  I decided on “All in Moderation” because I tell people all the time that everything is ok in moderation. I’ll never be the total health nut nutritionist or dietitian that swears off all junk or sweets. I love food too much, but know how to balance the healthy and unhealthy and strive to help others find that balance.

I’ve also been a little MIA due to another project and then vacation in Las Vegas, but I will be back to writing at least once weekly.

Starting tomorrow I am going to do my best to cut out gluten.  This should give me an opportunity to share some gluten free recipes on the blog and also review some gluten free products.  I signed up for and have a whole bag of gluten free samples waiting for me at the office. It’ll be an exciting challenge 🙂

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