First Reflections and a New Plan

Alright, so I’ve spent the last week thinking about my ALCAT results and trying to figure out where/how to start.  Even as a nutrition nerd who likes to read labels, my first reaction was overwhelmed.  I’m pretty familiar with gluten free products and options, but when I started looking at labels to also scan for canola oil, olive oil, and/or safflower oil (all things I’m “moderately intolerant” to) it is nearly impossible to find any kind of packaged food without one of those oils in it.  I try not to eat a lot of packaged foods, but granola bars are a common snack in my diet and I was hoping to find some crackers to replace the wheat ones and bread I eat.  I also realized that it’s going to be a change from cooking with healthy olive oil, to either using vegetable oil or maybe peanut or sesame oils.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have any dairy issues because this means I can still use butter.

Another thing I’ve been doing is looking at my yellow “mild intolerance” list of 50 foods and freaking out a little.  There’s so many foods I love on it.  ALCAT recommends yellow foods “be avoided if possible” and eaten on a 4-day rotation plan.  It also recommends foods that have been eaten often on this list be avoided for 3 months.  I’ve decided in order to not drive myself insane, I would try to avoid what I can, when I can.  For example, I’m not going to eat plain bell peppers, but if I go out to eat and they happen to be in something I’m not going make a big deal about and will make sure not to have them again for 4 days.  Foods on my yellow list that I do eat often, like almonds, honey and soy, I will try my best to avoid for 3 months.

I’ve also realized that I cannot jump right into this diet for about a month.  I want to do my best to follow the recommendations, but I’m going to Las Vegas at the end of the month and don’t want to be restricted.

Until then, here’s the new plan:

  • Avoid red foods: cabbage, ginger, macadamia, mackerel, mussel, spelt and squid.  This shouldn’t really be a problem.
  • Be conscious of orange foods.  Start figuring out what foods will need to be avoided, recipes changed, etc.  Avoid when possible.
  • Reduce gluten intake.  Start trying gluten free alternatives and experimenting with gluten free recipes.  I’ve already gotten gluten free oats and a mix for gluten free raisin bread to try.
  • Eat mostly green foods until vacation (then all bets are off, I’m not just going on vacation, I’m going to VEGAS)
  • Plan on starting offical ALCAT diet in May (after vacation and birthday celebrations 😉 )