I’ve never tried any kind of detox diet, and I would never be the first one to advise trying one.  Most detox diets are like many diets and provide very few calories.  Does eating or drinking nothing but vegetable juice sound natural, much less enjoyable?  It doesn’t to me, I enjoy food too much to limit my diet to a few foods for any amount of time.  However, after a big holiday celebration or a weekend of splurging I do want to get my body back on track and in a healthier place.  There are several foods that are natural cleansers and will help you flush your system of excess consumption.

Watercress is a spicy green.  Add it to your salad, soup, or sandwiches to energize liver enzymes and for a natural diuretic.

Cabbage is known to cleanse the liver.  Chop some up and add it to a stir fry or salad.

Dark leafy greens boost chlorophyll levels in your digestive system to help remove toxins.  Eat them in a salad, sauteed with olive oil, or blended up in a green monster smoothie.

Artichokes are awesome digestive aids.  Artichokes have cynarin, which increases bile production, prevents indigestion, and helps maintain healthy digestion.  They also aid in liver and gallbladder function.  You can eat artichoke hearts plain or mixed with other veggies and sauteed up with olive oil.

Beets are high in fiber which aids in the production of antioxidant liver enzymes. These enzymes help the liver and gallbladder get rid of bile and other toxins.

Lemon is full of vitamin C that helps your body detox and burn fat.  Add some to your water to help with digestion.

Any fresh fruit is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber to help cleanse the body and get nutrients you may have missed out on.

Ginger and garlic rid the body of free radicals.  Free radicals can react with your cells disrupting function and causing damage.  Use them in a stir fry along with leafy greens, cabbage and artichokes.

Green tea speeds up the production of liver enzymes to detoxify the body and can also increase your metabolism.  Have some green tea with lemon or ginger for an extra kick.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water to keep your cells hydrated and to flush all out the toxins.

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