Diet [coke] Cupcakes

As you may have read one of my previous posts, I loooove to bake.  And I’m sure you’ve also noticed I try to make most things healthier than their original recipe.  Well a few months ago I first heard about diet soda cake, where you simply mix a box cake mix with a can of diet soda.  At first my response was sort of like “Whaaaat??”  And then I kept hearing and seeing this recipe all over the place, tv, other blogs, Facebook, etc.  I decided I needed to try it myself. After looking around at different adaptations of the simple recipe I decided to go with:

  • 1 box of Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake
  •  1 can diet Coke
  • 1 egg white (to ensure fluffiness)

The results?  Pretty tasty.  Everyone who tried them agreed and wouldn’t have guessed they’ve been healthified.  To set the record straight, they’re still not exactly healthy, but they are lower in fat and calories.  From doing some simple math based on the nutrition label on the box + nutrition facts of 1 egg white I got the following for 1 cupcake:

  • 67.4 calories
  • 0.625 g fat
  • 14.6 g carbohydrates
  • 1 g protein

Of course you can’t make cupcakes without frosting so I decided to go along with National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month and make some peanut butter frosting.  I used the recipe from Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.  Again, not exactly healthy, but better than a can of frosting I’m guessing.  I did up the nutrition info using, and assuming you use all of it (I only used about half) and the same amount per cupcake you’ll get this:

So if you want to have your cupcake and eat it to have one of these with frosting and all for just 150 calories.

P.S. Excuse the lack of cupcake wrappers, I ran out.  I do not recommend making cupcakes without, it makes them hard to hold and frost, hence the boring frosting job.