My Favorite Beverage

COFFEE! 🙂 Hot, iced, plain, flavored, caffeinated, decaf, don’t really matter, I just really enjoy coffee.  My friends and I have been known to use coffee as currency (i.e. instead of giving each other money for something we just promise to buy coffee for the other next time) .  Renee also shares my love of coffee and we have been named the “Coffee Girls” by the office upstairs with the Keurig (thanks guys!). I love it even more as I learn about the health benefits associated with it.

Numerous studies have found the coffee has health benefits ranging from lowering cancer risk to increasing endurance in athletes.  Most studies have been done looking at moderate consumption of coffee which is defined as 3-5 cups a day.

  • Coffee has been tied to decreased risk of colon, breast, rectal and prostate cancer.
  • Heavy coffee drinkers are 1/2 as likely to develop diabetes compared to light or non-coffee drinkers.  Chemicals in the coffee lower blood sugar, while magnesium and chromium help the body utilize insulin.  Coffee may also increase resting metabolism.
  • Coffee has a protective factor against Parkinson’s disease in men.
  • Moderate coffee consumption lowers risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Decreased prevalence of gallstones and protection about liver cirrhosis are other benefits of coffee consumption.
  • The caffeine in coffee increases effectiveness of pain killers.  It also eases post-workout soreness and increases endurance. (source and source)

Many of these benefits can be attributed to antioxidants.  Coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants in the American diet.  Polyphenols, also known as flavonoids, found in coffee moderately help brain function and improve short-term recall.  Other natural agents in coffee discourage growth of harmful bacteria and promote the growth of probiotics of “good bacteria”.  Researchers say it is really a combination of all elements of coffee that give it numerous health benefits.

So in my book blog the positives of drinking coffee certainly outweigh the negatives (caffeine and being a diuretic).

My recommendation: Grab a friend and go enjoy a cup of coffee, just limit the extra stuff you add i.e. cream, sugar, syrups.

Information from: CNN Health and Harvard Medical School

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  1. It is about time I’m hearing something good, actually GREAT, about coffee. My sisters and I love coffee! Thanks for the great news. I think I’ll give my sisters and call and meet them for a cup to celebrate!

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