Welcome to Miss Nutritionista!

Welcome Miss Nutritionista Blog!

My name is Jacqui and I recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition. I am now working as a nutritionist at Rezults by Renee Nutrition under the supervision of Renee Bordeaux, as well as studying for GRE’s and planning and prepping in hopes to attend a dietetic internship and possibly graduate school next year.  I am a huge nutrition nerd and love reading about nutrition and sharing all the random information I learn (to the point where those around me get sick of listening to me, but hopefully since you’re reading this you’re interested in my ramblings).  I also love food…cooking, eating, baking, sharing, trying new foods…all of it.  This blog is intended to be some what of a professional project as well as an outlet for me to share things related to nutrition and/or food, express my opinions on current nutrition related topics and issues, and to introduce people to me, nutrition and healthy ways to enhance your life.  There might also be tidbits and opinions from Renee as well.  I hope you enjoy and visit frequently.

Jacqui 🙂

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